Inclusion is at the heart of our services which is why we aim to provide services to meet the needs of the whole family. We want to ensure that people from all walks of life feel welcome and confident taking their first steps in climbing or accessing our services.

Some people may want, or need, something more specific than our standard offer. Rather than us telling you to fit in a particular box, we offer you the choice. After all, you know yourself better than we do.

We have a range of dedicated sessions to meet a variety of needs, if you can’t find what you’re looking for, get in touch – you may not be the only one.

Download a copy of our latest timetable here


What was it they used to say? “You climb like a girl” – at our Women’s climbing club we celebrate exactly that. This weekly climbing club was born to see strong and fearless women supporting each other to develop and grow in the sport. Whether you’re after moral support, some training advice, or you want to build your confidence as a new climber, one of our Instructors will be on hand throughout the session.



Our yoga sessions provide the perfect way to balance your body and mind. A perfect way for climbers to build their strength and flexibility with extra little treats using essential oils to soothe and relax you. We also do kids yoga too!



If you’re between 14-18 years of age and you love climbing, these sessions are for you! Ditch the parents and hang out with one of our expert coaches. You’ll have a lot of fun whilst getting top tips and advice to improve your climbing skills. Cost:  £10 (Includes Entry)



Anyone with kids knows they don’t like to stay still for very long. Here at Corby Climbing Centre, we want to inspire your child to be active, curious, and to get excited about problem solving. Climbing is such a great activity because it is a full body and mental workout.

Whatever age your child is, we have something for you. Whether that be through our Parent & Tots sessions (0-4yrs), Boulder Bears Club (5-7yrs), or our Climbing Academy (8-14yrs), we have something for everyone. Check out our Under 18’s climbing page to find more information.



Delivered by iDID Adventure, our Inclusive Climbing clubs are aimed at young people with additional sensory, learning, physical and emotional needs. Climbing is a fantastic way to increase self-worth, build trust, and improve confidence but often mainstream clubs and sessions can’t offer the level of support for those with additional needs.

Our Inclusive Clubs have the best of both worlds so you, or your child, can have fun knowing we’ve got their backs. These sessions are booked directly with iDID Adventure. You can contact them at

Sessions are supervised by our staff and supported by trained volunteers through iDID Adventure, a charity empowering young people through adventure sports.


If you’re looking for something more specific to your needs we offer 1:1 and 2:1 personal coaching sessions. You will work with one of our coaches to tailor sessions that work towards specific goals you have.

Get in touch to find out more.

We’re owned by iDID!

Corby Climbing Centre is a wholly owned subsidiary of iDID Adventure, a charity empowering marginalised young people to improve their physical and mental health through adventure sports.

All profits from the centre are donated to deliver charitable projects in our community


We’re not going to hide it… we love coffee. In fact, other than climbing it’s what we love most which is why we have a dedicated coffee house on site offering outstanding coffees from around the world and a relaxed vibe to make you feel at home. Whether you’re after a fix, a bite to eat, or a catch up with your friends, Orenda prides itself on bringing people together.

Orenda Coffee House aims to provide a warm, friendly, and relaxed environment to kick back and relax. We want to offer more than just a place to eat and drink… all of our spaces take a holistic approach to life and Orenda is no different.